The Gemini

The Gemini: 2 Person Luxury Spa


One of ThermoSpas’ 2 person spas is The Gemini. The Gemini fits where other spas can't. This two person hot tub may be customized with built-in pillows and many other amenities of a full size spa. The Gemini is considered the perfect spa for personal relaxation yet offers room enough for two. Each side offers a slightly different seating design and jet configuration. Each seating area is contoured for deep soaking, so even the tallest bather can stretch out and enjoy a neck, shoulder, or foot massage.


The Gemini 2 person hot tub can be installed indoors or out. Its elegant cabinet provides the look and feel of fine furniture. ThermoSpas ThermoInsulation system and the Gemini’s less than 175 gallon water capacity make it a more economical spa to operate. A built-in ice bucket, cup holder and convenient shelf area provide just the right final touches.


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