The Townhouse

The Townhouse: 2 Person Portable Hot Tub


The Townhouse is ThermoSpas's most versatile two-person spa because it gives bathers three unique seating choices. Its size also makes it easy to move through standard doorways and from one home to another.



The Townhouse also provides standard features uncommon in most compact hot tubs. Its built-in ice bucket, bar area and pillows pamper, while the grab bars make moving in the spa a snap. One end of the townhouse features dual therapy stations, while the other end has a intimate love seat. The Townhouse is so well designed, two bathers can stretch out and use its seating areas as a double-wide lounge. With ThermoSpas' lavish array of shell colors and elegant cabinetry, and it's clear that the Townhouse offers unmatched luxury, intimacy and therapy all within a compact two person spa.


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