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The Healing Spa

The Healing Spa is the most versatile spas Thermospas manufactures. It is large enough to comfortably seat four adults and has a raised seating area for a child. It comes with two deep therapy seats that can be ordered with ThermoSpas Throttle Control Valve (pat. pend.) to fine tune the massage action to exactly the pressure you desire. The seats, angled to promote casual conversation, also come with pillow jets for a wonderful neck massage. There’s also a lounge for stretching out to enjoy a back and leg massage. Lighted grab bars and a bubbling system are all standard.

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The Chesapeake

The large, very comfortable size and incredibly distinctive seating design of the Chesapeake gives it a distinctive and broad appeal. It seats five adults for entertaining, but also offers open space for aquatic exercise. Its roomy foot well permits unrestricted ease of movement for water exercises which are enhanced by a powerful whirlpool jet. The wrap around bench in the Chesapeake allows guests to face one another for easy conversation making it ideal for family gatherings. The deep, corner therapy seat offers an exhilarating back and shoulder massage. For personal therapy lie back in the Chesapeake’s extended lounge for the ultimate in seating comfort and warm water therapy.




The Park Avenue

The Park Avenue is often called the perfect full size hot tub. It has double wide, reversible lounge with large, soft, textured pillows on both ends allows bathers to lie side by side or stretch out face to face. At the opposite end of the spa are two wonderfully contoured therapy seats, each with wrap-around armrests and built-in pillows. The center of the spa features a deep foot well and a seating area positioned to face one of ThermoSpas very powerful whirlpool jets guaranteed to relax the most tired muscles.

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The Olympian

Large enough to easily accommodate six bathers in any of eight different seating areas, the Olympian wins the Gold. It features a great double-wide lounge with built -in pillows, a single lounge with a foot massaging jet, a contoured love seat, a deep therapy seat, a raised bench seat and even a deep soaking seat in the corner of the foot well. The Olympian is also the first spa of its kind designed to convert into an amazing Exercise Spa. Customize the Olympian with three powerful whirlpool jets that transform this hot tub into an exercise unit with a powerful, surging water flow. This allows health conscious bathers to exercise every part of their body using water resistance techniques that eliminate the pain associated with normal calisthenics.



The Manhattan

The Manhattan sets a high standard for all luxury hot tubs. It accommodates six adults quite comfortably with a choice of eight seating areas. Every bather can experience a full range of massage. The extra long, reversible lounge offers two unique therapy experiences, each with an individual head rest and a set of lighted grab bars. The raised bench at the center of the lounge makes it easy to read a book or listen to music.

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The Atlantis

Once you discover the Atlantis, you can stop searching for the ideal spa because the Atlantis is among the hot tub industry's very best values. This mid-size spa for four, offers bathers 5 unique seating areas: a roomy, elongated lounge with arm rests for comfortable seating, a deep therapy seat with lumbar support and room to stretch your legs, a bi-level bench offers a choice of two seating depths, and a cool-down seat provides relief from the warm water or a place for a young guest. The angled control panel is ergonomically designed so it's easy to view and operate the spa.



The Concord

The Concord is considered the ideal mid-sized hot tub, it fits four adults perfectly, yet it can easily accommodates five. Two luxurious therapy seats, each with wrap around arm rests and built-in pillows, are angled toward each other to allow for relaxing conversation. One therapy seat may be customized for deep or standard seating depth. For those looking for intimacy, the adjacent love seat provides a place to stretch out and relax, or slide close to cuddle. For personal serenity, slip into the corner therapy seat for a relaxing back massage.

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The Avalon

For all of those interested in causal entertainment for three or an intimate setting for two, the Avalon is the most ideal hot tub. While the Avalon's compact style accommodates three adults, it offers four unique seating areas. The Avalon's molded interior perfectly positions the body for relaxing therapy. The uniquely designed reversible lounge offers tremendous versatility providing room for two adults to lay side-by-side and enjoy the romantic view of the evening stars or stretch out face-to-face for casual conversation.



The Lexington

The Lexington is a wonderful three person spa that is modest in size at 200 gallons, but actually offers four unique seating areas. The elevated bench seat is perfect place for morning coffee or to read a favorite novel. It is also next to the ice bucket and shelf area to make drinks, snacks, or a towel very convenient. The double-wide, reversible lounge offers three unique seating options all with built in pillows for added comfort. Couples may lie side by side to recapture romance or stretch out face to face for relaxing conversation.

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The Townhouse

The Townhouse is ThermoSpas's most versatile two-person spa because it gives bathers three unique seating choices. Its size also makes it easy to move through standard doorways and from one home to another. Also, The Townhouse provides standard features normally unavaliable in most compact hot tubs. Its built-in ice bucket, bar area and pillows pamper, while the grab bars make moving in the spa a snap. One end of the townhouse features dual therapy stations, while the other end has a intimate love seat. The Townhouse is so well designed, two bathers can stretch out and use its seating areas as a double-wide lounge. With ThermoSpas' lavish array of shell colors and elegant cabinetry, and it's clear that the Townhouse offers unmatched luxury, intimacy and therapy all within a compact two person spa.



The Gemini

One of ThermoSpas’ best 2 person spas is The Gemini. The Gemini fits where other spas can't. This two person hot tub can be customized with built-in pillows and many other amenities of a full size spa. The Gemini is considered the perfect spa for personal relaxation yet offers room enough for two. Each side offers a slightly different seating design and jet configuration. Each seating area is contoured for deep soaking, so even the tallest bather can stretch out and enjoy a neck, shoulder, or foot massage.

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