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Dear Taneka Winstead  Hot
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Dear Taneka Winstead,

I want to finally take the time to thank you for the great follow up and service you all gave us with our new hot tub! You were our key contact person thru our delivery process and I think your supervisor should know how well you followed up with us. You were nice to work with. You are about truly showing concern to see that your customers are happy.  My wife and I love the tub and I think everyone should have one.

My neighbors have been in ours and I told Gary they need one.  My daughter and her friends love it! My brother-in-law, Lyn, wants one and I have some golf buddies yet to check it out. Anyway, we use the tub just about every day and I can feel the difference! It's great in the mornings and on weekends too. It is so relaxing and I feel like I just had a professional massage. We truly love our hot tub! Be sure to thank Jason Crammer, the other Jason, and Bryan who came out in person and did a wonderful job.  Thank Lisa for helping us get all the equipment right and again to you, Taneka, for all the concern you gave us! ThermoSpas is the best and so are you.



Mike and Susan Caruso

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